I was born in Rome and I studied Communication Design at Art Center College of Design.
For a long time I lived in Milan where I worked as art director in advertising agencies and graphic design studios.
Since 8 years I live in Berlin.
For a long time pottery has been an idea but after several courses, including throwing ones, and after a few years in amateur laboratory it has become a reality in Berlin.
In my ceramic work I am interested in the building process of an object: I try to experiment with different techniques pushing the clay to it’s limit. Hand gestures, like staples and pinches and fingerprints are decorative and building elements. Imperfections and irregularities are expressions of being handmade.
I work with white, yellow and red clay.
I prefer solid glazes because my objects are all ready defined by the way they are built.
I focus on decorative objects which still have a function as plates or bowls. Besides the problem of washing and which requires a brush, the pieces are suitable for food as all glazes are lead-free.